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6 home cleaning tips for the holidays During the holiday season, it can be difficult to stay on top of all of the cleaning that needs to be done. Cleaning during the holidays is important for a few reasons. Many people have houseguests during the holiday season, and no one wants to bring a guest home to a dirty environment. Another reason is that the winter months are full of germs and illnesses. Keeping a clean home can reduce your exposure to germs and bacteria, reducing your chances of getting sick. Here are our best, easy tips that will help you keep your house clean with less work. 

  1. Wipe down countertops every night. Countertops are often one of the dirtiest surfaces in our home. They are usually covered in food spills, dirt, dust, bacteria and more. It can be easy to ignore the countertops until they are very dirty, but wiping them down every night will keep your counters from becoming a huge mess that requires a lot of scrubbing. Before you go to bed every night, clear any clutter off the counters and wipe them with an antibacterial cleaning wipe. 
  2. Use doormats or area rugs. Another source of dirt and bacteria in the home is the flooring. Doormats and area rugs do a great job of trapping dirt and allergens before they enter the heart of your home. Put a doormat at every entrance to your home, and use an area rug in high traffic areas. This will help keep dirt, allergens, and bacteria from spreading throughout your home by trapping them in the fibers of the rugs. 
  3. Keep carpets and rugs clean. While the rugs in your home will trap bacteria and allergens, you need to make sure that they are cleaned regularly. Otherwise, they will begin releasing these germs and allergens back into the air when they get too dirty. Vacuuming once a week is an easy activity that will keep the air in your home cleaner. You can also utilize the services of a professional carpet cleaner to get your carpets and rugs even cleaner.
  4. Don’t forget about your upholstered furniture. While many people remember to vacuum their carpet once a week, they forget about their furniture. Furniture gets used a lot during the holiday season as you entertain guests and watch holiday movies as a family. Similar to carpets, particles like dust, dirt, and allergens settle on upholstered furniture. Vacuuming upholstered furniture is nearly as easy and is just as important as carpets, particularly in the high-traffic areas like family rooms. Vacuuming your furniture and then fluffing up the cushions and pillows is an easy way to make your home seem much cleaner. 
  5. Stay on top of touch points. Think about all of the places you touch the most every day. These touch points include doorknobs, toilet handles, faucets, and light switches. Take a few minutes every day to wipe those areas down with an antibacterial wipe. These areas often get dirty or greasy because of how often everyone in our family uses them. Wiping them down can make the entire room seem cleaner. Plus, they get a lot of germ build-up, so keeping them clean can cut down on the spread of germs in your home. 
  6. Check and replace your filters. You probably use your furnace around this time of year. While they are essential to keeping a house warm, it’s important to change the furnace air filter at regular intervals. Otherwise, your furnace will blow dirt and dust through the air, making your home dirtier. Take a minute to change the filter, and your air and home will be cleaner and have much less dust throughout the entire holiday season. 


We hope these tips help. The next time you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned, call Great American Chem-Dry!