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clean and healthy carpet cleaning in san Diego, caIt’s clear that 2020 has taught us that anything can happen in the blink of an eye. The health and wellness of your home or office have never been so important. While regular vacuuming and spot cleaning may help maintain the health and cleanliness of your carpets, there are still a lot of harmful germs and bacteria that live deep within the fibers. For that reason, it is crucial to find the right professional carpet cleaning company here in San Diego. One of our slogans here at Great American Chem-Dry is, “We clean for your health like no one else!”. You might be asking what that really means. Let us explain, and hopefully you’ll see why we are the clear choice to get your carpets cleaner and healthier than ever before.

#1 – We Eliminate Germs, Bacteria, & Allergens to Improve Air Quality 

The Environmental Protection Agency claims that carpets are usually full of some hazardous things such as allergens, bacteria, dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and even lead. Other toxic gases are easily absorbed into your carpet fibers without you even realizing it. Soon, these contaminants are transferred from body to body or into the very air you breathe. Are you sufficiently scared of your own carpet yet?

Well here’s some good news for you. Great American Chem-Dry has developed a safe solution. Using the proprietary Chem-Dry cleaning solutions and methods, we can remove 98%* of bacteria and allergens from your carpet. That means you can literally and figuratively breathe easier knowing your home is safe and free of these harmful contaminants. If you’re still not satisfied with that, we would be happy to apply an EPA-Approved hospital-grade sanitizer to your carpet which has been proven effective at killing 99.99% of household germs. 

#2 – Our carpet cleaning prevents mold and mildew growth 

Traditional steam cleaning methods fill your carpets with water which can take a very long time to dry. Your carpets are more likely to grow mold and mildew the longer that water sits. Do we even have to mention how gross and unhealthy that is?

Once again, we have a solution to this problem. We use Hot Carbonated Extraction (H.C.E.), which sends millions of tiny effervescent bubbles into your carpet to get them clean. So what’s the big deal about that. Well, lots of things but one of the best is that it uses 80% less moisture than common steam cleaners! This significantly lowers the risk and even prevents the growth of mold and mildew. It’s also why we can get your carpets dry in just hours—not days like with our competitors. 

#3 – We Can Remove Carpet Residue That Attracts Dirt & Bacteria 

Steam cleaners not only need more water, but they also depend heavily on soaps and chemicals that leave nasty residues behind. These residues also attract dirt and grime and essentially invite them back into your carpet. Why would you waste your time and money on something like that?

That’s the reason why we use The Natural® as our main cleaning solution. The Natural uses ingredients copied straight from mother nature which makes it a  green-certified cleaning solution. It not only eliminates bacteria and allergens from your floors, but it also gets rid of the residue. We can guarantee that our carpet cleaning process and solutions do not use harsh chemicals and soaps. Say goodbye to worrying about nasty residues left behind! 

Are you ready to take advantage of these and the many more health benefits the Great American Chem-Dry carpet cleaning service offers? Then give us a call today at (858) 487-1077 or schedule an appointment online. Feel free to check out these exclusive deals on our services as well! We can’t wait to meet you.