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Dog Potty Training Tips

Jul 22, 2021 | Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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In our more than 30 years of experience, we’ve seen and removed a lot of pet stains throughout the Vista area. Dogs, although they do bring us a ton of joy, are typically the culprit as cats are usually able to litter box train whereas dogs usually can’t do that. Luckily, there are still things you can do to potty train your pooch to make sure you don’t just live when pet stains in your home and carpet.

Methods for House Training Pets

Obviously, the best thing you can do to avoid pet stains is to actually train your dog to not pee in the house. When accidents happen, you can always call our team here at Great American Chem-Dry. As a Vista pet stain removal service, we know how to get them out and we turned to our professional friends at Wag to teach you a few of the best methods for dog potty training. Check them out below.

The Kennel Method

Dogs like having a nice space to call home. They need to feel comfortable and secure because anxiety and fear often lead to potty accidents. Here are a few steps to kennel or crate train your dog.

1 – Find a crate or kennel that’s the right size for your dog. The right size means that the crate is large enough for your sweet pup to move around a bit, but small enough that they can’t use it as a bathroom.

2 – Make it more of a home for them by adding pillows, treats, toys, etc. 

3 – Use phrases like “let’s go”, “in your crate”, or “inside” as verbal cues to help your dog learn to go in and out of the kennel. Toys and treats can also be used as reinforcement to associate their good behavior with a reward. 

4 – Dogs love a good routine so be sure to put them in and out of the kennel at specific times every day. For example, while you’re sleeping at night or away at work during the day. Don’t leave them in their kennel for too long though, especially for large or high-energy breeds. 

5 – Dogs don’t usually mark their territory where they sleep so be sure they sleep inside of their kennel and take them to the bathroom once they wake up. This can also help your dog associate kennel time with a bathroom break afterward. 

6 – Every time your dog relieves himself outside, offer a toy or treat it as a reward to associate the behavior with a positive reward. 

The Schedule Method

1 – Be sure to get to know your dog’s normal routine. This will help you find out how often they need to go out for a potty break.

2 – Also determine the times of day your dog will need to relieve himself. Common times are in the morning, after drinking water or eating meals, before bed, or after kennel time. 

3 – Avoid negative reinforcement or punishing your dog when they have accidents.

4 – Take your dog outdoors about 5 minutes before each anticipated bathroom time. 

5 – Every time your dog relieves himself outside, praise and reward him with treats, toys, and verbal praise. 

6 – Make adjustments to your dog’s schedule as necessary—especially as he grows. 

The Puppy Pad Method

1 – Purchase pee pads that are the appropriate size for your dog. 

2 – Place the pad in a specific, easily accessible spot—preferably on the tile or wood floor—and keep it there.

3 – Just before your dog’s anticipated bathroom time, take him to the pad and continue returning until he relieves himself there. 

4 – Give your dog praise every time he relieves himself on the pad. 

5 – Clean the area and replace the pad often. 

6 – Gradually move the pad toward the door to transition it to outside. Eventually, take it outdoors on the grass or wherever you prefer. Just make sure it’s easily accessible with a doggy door. 

Pet Urine Stain & Odor Removal in Vista, CA

We know that these tips and methods will help you to train your dog, but we also know that dogs are well, accident-prone. You can expect your dog to still have some kind of potty incident even with training and that’s where we will come to help you. As a scleaned pet urine stain and odor removal service in Vista, our team can remove virtually any stain. If we can’t get it out then nobody can.


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