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Best pet stain removal solution in Carlsbad, CAWhy do my pet stains keep reappearing after a DIY solution?

This is a very common question shared by plenty of pet owners. As a scleaned carpet cleaner with more than 30 years of experience removing pet stains in the Carlsbad area, we have the answer to that question. It’s really this simple, DIY solutions are not enough to properly remove pet urine from your home. That statement might be hard for you to hear, but let’s break down exactly why it’s true.

Why isn’t a DIY solution enough?

Look, it’s not that your favorite blog writer lied to you. In fact, plenty of pet urine removal treatments are effective at removing pet stains depending on the extent of the damage. If you find that the stain keeps coming back, then you know that the solution is not working. The reason why may shock you.

When pet urine dries, strong odor crystals are left behind in the carpet padding and flooring beneath. These crystals will continue releasing odors into your home if not taken care of properly. The typical DIY solution will only push those crystals, stains, and odors deeper into the carpet. You won’t notice them for a couple of days, but as the carpet continues to dry the stain and odors will work their way back to the surface. In order to properly remove pet urine from the carpet, you need a solution that targets the crystals directly.

Something Else to Consider

Some DIY solutions could be harmful to the health of your pet and the color of your carpet. So if you do decide to go with one, be sure it only uses safe and non-toxic ingredients.

Professional Pet Stain Removal in Carlsbad, CA

So if a DIY solution is out, what can you do to remove the pet stains in your home? Just call in the team here at Great American Chem-Dry. We offer a Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) that has been proven to target urine crystals and destroy stains and odors. We can confidently say that we can remove virtually any pet stain from carpet or upholstered furniture. Give us a call today to get started.

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