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How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season The winter months are also known as flu season because that is when the flu is most rampant. It might seem like everyone gets sick during the winter and there is nothing that you can do about it, but did you know that you actually can do a lot to keep healthy this winter? Here are some quick tips to help you survive cold and flu season and keep your family healthy and happy.

Get a flu shot

When your body is exposed to the viruses that cause the flu, it can begin to develop antibodies that will help fight off the flu. A vaccine contains just enough of the flu to help your body devlop a defense against it without you actually getting sick. This means that when you do encounter flu germs, your body will already know how to fight against them so you don’t get sick. Vaccines cause minor discomfort and are a fast and easy way to help you stay healthier this winter.

Wash your hands…often

The most common way you get germs in your body is by touching something that is contaminated and then touching your face or food. Washing your hands will help keep those germs away. Wash your hands multiple times a day, and be sure to use soap and warm water and to scrub for at least 20 seconds. Don’t forget between your fingers, backs of your hands and under fingernails too. Encourage the rest of your family to wash their hands too, especially before meals.

Boost your immune system

Regular exercise will keep your body operating in optimal form and help keep your immune system strong. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will also help to boost your overall health and improve your immune system. Another trick to help your immune system is to get enough sleep at night.

Keep your home clean

Germs can hide in your home on all sorts of surfaces like countertops, desks, doorknobs and even your floors. Clean those things used the most daily. Clean floors weekly. For a deep long-lasting cleaning, consider using a professional carpet cleaning service like Great American Chem-Dry before flu season begins and afterward too. Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction process has been proven to remove 89% of airborne bacteria and will remove those hidden germs, dirt and allergens in your carpets.

Did we mention washing your hands?

Okay, we know that we did, but it’s worth mentioning again. This is your first, last and best method of keeping away from germs especially if you work in a large office or use public transportation. You can’t control everyone else’s behavior but you can control yours.


We hope these tips will help keep you and your family safe and healthy this cold & flu season.