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How to Prevent Carpet Stains Before They HappenAt Great American Chem-Dry, our job is removing carpet stains, and we’re good at it. However, we want to empower you as a homeowner to be able to take matters into your own hands! That’s why we’ve put together this article about how to prevent carpet stains before they even happen. Just follow these easy tips and you’ll be calling the carpet cleaners less and less!

Keep the Outside Out

One of the most common stains in carpets that we see is the build-up of dirt, mud, and other outdoor contaminants. These are often carried in on shoes (or paws, if you have a pet). It’s easy to prevent this type of stain! For starters, place a mat at every door into your home, both inside and out. Not only are these decorative, they also trap dirt before it can spread throughout your home. You can take this a step farther and ask everyone to take their shows off at the door before walking on your carpets as well. Keeping up on the vacuuming will help remove it before too much dirt build-ups.

Keep Food and Drinks in the Kitchen

Another common stain is food and drinks. Everyone knows that red stains are the hardest to get out (not that we can’t!) and we see a lot of red wine, red punch, pasta sauce, and other nasty red stains in carpets. These can be easily prevented by keeping food and drink in the kitchen and dining room only. This is especially for kids, but even adults should follow this rule. After all, where do you think those red wine stains come from? If you are hosting a lot of people, consider having your snacks or drinks outside, instead of in your living room.

Keep It Off the Carpet

Other common stains we see are nail polish, paint, lipstick, and marker. If you’re using an item that you know can stain, keep it off the carpet. Do your makeup in the bathroom, make sure paint cans are closed when not in use and use carpet covers when you do paint, and set up a corner in your dining room or other tiled room for kids’ art projects.

Utilize Carpet Protectant

No matter what you do, things happen and your carpets are bound to get something spilled on them. We have a handy little secret to keep these spills from becoming stains: carpet protectant. Protectant is applied to carpets and becomes a protective layer that helps keep spills from soaking into the carpet fibers. It makes it much easier to just wipe up spills if you catch them early enough, instead of them soaking straight into your carpet fibers and becoming a stain. Your carpet cleaner can apply a coat of protectant the next time they visit your home.

We’re happy to take care of you if you happen to get a tough stain, but above all else, we want you to have a clean, happy and healthy home. Good luck avoiding stains!