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The Top 10 Things People Forget to Clean Given that we’re in homes cleaning for people every day, we have a lot of insight into the cleanliness of the average home. We know that most people stay on top of keeping their homes clean, however, there are a few common spots that we see that don’t get cleaned as often as they should. Here are the top 10 things we see people forget to clean.

Door Knobs

This seems like such a small thing. After all, doorknobs are small and they don’t really get dirty right? Wrong! Your doorknobs get touched more than almost anything in your home. Because of that, they acquire a lot of germs, dirt, and grime. Door knobs need to be wiped down with a disinfectant regularly, especially if it’s flu season or someone in your family is sick. The same goes for light switches, faucets, and other small fixtures that get touched often.


You’d be surprised how often someone calls us to clean their carpets and mentions they’ve never had them cleaned in the years they’ve owned the carpets. Many people assume that unless they have bad stains, vacuuming carpets is enough. However, your household vacuum can only do so much. Most carpets are festering dirt, germs, allergens, and bacteria. A professional cleaning is the only way to get them out, and it should be done 1-2 times a year to keep your home healthy.

Vacuum Filter

While we’re talking about carpets, let’s talk about your vacuum filter. Did you know that this needs to be replaced or cleaned regularly? Your vacuum filter traps small dust and dirt particles to keep them from escaping your vacuum. However, if too much builds up, your vacuum will start to lose suction and become worthless. While some vacuum filters need to be completely replaced, many can be removed and cleaned. Check your vacuum manual for details.

Air Vents

Most people never think about their air vents. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. Air vents circulate air throughout your home. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, they will also circulate dust. This can be bad for your family’s health, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Clean out your air vents every once in a while!

Trash Cans

Everyone takes out their garbage regularly, but most people don’t ever think to clean out their trash can. Even though you use a garbage liner, the trash can itself still absorbs some of the odors and bacteria from your trash. If you don’t clean it, it can start to smell! Luckily, you can take it outside, spray it with the hose and maybe a disinfectant, and then leave it in the sun to dry. Good as new!

Shower Curtain

Did you know that you need to clean your shower curtain? Many people believe that it gets a wash every time you take a shower, but the opposite is true. Over time, soap scum will build-up, as well as mold from being left wet for too long. You can see this if your curtain has developed some pink or orange spots (heads up: that’s mold). Check the care instructions first, but most shower curtains can be through in the wash on a high heat and then hung back up to dry with proper ventilation.


Another thing to worry about in your bathroom (and other rooms) is your tile. It often gets wet and stays wet for long periods of time, which allows mold to fester.  Just wiping down your tile isn’t enough. It needs a deep cleaning from a tile professional about once a year to remove mold and reseal it. A clear sign your tile needs to be cleaned? The grout color has changed.

Ice Tray

You only put ice in your ice tray so it’s fine, right? Think about how often you touch your ice tray, trying to get ice out. That’s a lot of opportunities for germs from your hands to build up. Plus, all of the food and odors in your freezer can end up on your ice tray as well. It’s best to throw it in the dishwasher after every few washes.

Microwave Touchpad

Most people never think about it, but the microwave touchpad is a prime place for grease to build up. 15 seconds and a disinfecting wipe can solve this issue right away.

Cell Phone

Last but not least, our cell phones are probably the thing that we use the most throughout the day, and they often get really germy. And yet, most people never clean their phone! Take a minute once a week to run a disinfectant wipe over your phone to keep germs at bay (and away from your face. Gross!)


How did your cleaning habits stack up? If you clean most of these things regularly, you’re ahead of the curve! And remember, if you need help keeping your carpets, furniture, and tile clean in San Diego, give Great American Chem-Dry a call!