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What to Do When Your Cat Pees on Your Carpet It happens to the best of us. Your normally well-behaved cat has an accident outside of the litter box, and now you are stuck with the smell of cat urine in your carpets. This isn’t an easy stain to remove, but it can be done! Here’s what to do:

First, you will want to work to remove the stain so you don’t have a permanent mark on your carpet. Make sure that you act quickly. It’s much easier to treat fresh stains, so take care of the mess as soon as you discover it instead of putting it off.

If the stain is still wet, blot up as much moisture as you can with paper towels. Try to use white paper towels, as dye can transfer from a patterned paper towel to your carpet and stain it. Make sure that you are gently blotting at the stain, instead of rubbing. You don’t want to push the urine deeper into your carpet. If the stain is already dry, you can rewet it with cold water and blot at it.

You can use a cleaner to clean the spot, but make sure that you avoid using a cleaner with ammonia since cat urine contains ammonia and it won’t help with the smell. There are cleaning solutions that you can get at a pet store that are designed to remove pet urine odors. Be sure to test any cleaner on a small spot to make sure it works and doesn’t damage your carpet.

Avoid using a steam cleaner to clean the spot. Hot steam can actually lock in the smell instead of removing it. A professional carpet cleaner with a cleaning solution designed to remove pet urine is your best bet. Great American Chem-Dry is proud to use Chem-Dry’s proprietary Pet Urine Removal Treatment to remove pet urine at the source instead of pushing it deeper in your carpets or just covering the smell.

It’s important to not just cover the smell with an air or fabric freshener. You will want to make sure that you truly remove the pet urine. This will keep the smell from coming back, and it will also leave your home cleaner. You don’t want to leave urine in your carpets as it will cause bacteria to grow. A professional pet urine cleaner will be able to remove all of the urine and bacteria, as well as the smell.

Once you have removed the stain, you will want to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Make sure that the litter box is cleaned often so that your cat feels comfortable using it. Also make sure that your cat always has access to the litter box. Accidently shutting a cat in a different room from the litter box is a great way to ensure you get urine in your carpets.

If your cat has repeated accidents, there may be health issues in play. Visit your vet to make sure that your cat doesn’t have a urinary tract infection or joint issues that make it difficult to use the litter box. They will be able to help you determine the problem and treat it so your cat can use the litter box again instead of your floor!

You can have clean carpets again after a cat accident if you follow these steps to completely remove the urine and make sure it doesn’t happen again.